Trustee, Protector and Board of Director Services

As a reliable trustee, we have many years of experience and profound knowledge of management of complex trust structures. We handle family affairs and give support by finding the best solutions for preservation of wealth.
As trustees, we place great importance on personal relationships. We ensure that our solutions comply with international regulatory and legal requirements.

For clients with an increased need for protection and control, we assume the role of a protector and oversee the actions of third party trustees.

For companies incorporated in Switzerland and abroad, we are able to provide
experienced directors and managers.

Management of Trusts, Companies and Foundations

As experienced administrators of trusts and companies, we ensure the good standing of complex family asset holding structures. We establish and incorporate trusts, companies and foundations in various jurisdictions. We administer and coordinate different types of family assets, such as bankable assets, private family businesses, real estate, art collections, etc, and ensure overall compliance and governance.

We also lead and manage restructuring and succession planning projects.

Family Advisory

We plan and ensure succession and structure wealth. We coordinate, connect and collaborate with specialists in order to create a successful team.

We provide effective and efficient support by developing personalised solutions tailored to a client’s situation. We implement and accompany the whole process and offer support throughout.

We act as family advisors in various roles, such as organisation and conduct of board meetings and advisory services.

Analysis and Structure Organization

We ensure that tax, accounting and regulatory and legal aspects are adequately considered and coordinated. Our specialist knowledge in the field of administration and management allows us to conduct trust and company health checks.

We also offer support in the development of an efficient organization.
These services can be offered as a standalone service.